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Steyr Arms Scout 6.5 Creedmoor 19″ Barrel Bolt Action Rifle – Mud (5+1)


The Steyr Arms Scout 6.5 Creedmoor 19″ Barrel Bolt Action Rifle – Mud (5+1) provides the ideal solution for versatility, durability, accuracy and reliability in a compact and lightweight bolt-action rifle platform.

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Steyr Arms Scout 6.5 Creedmoor

The Steyr Arms Scout 6.5 Creedmoor 19" Barrel Bolt Action Rifle - Mud (5+1) provides the ideal solution for versatility, durability, accuracy and reliability in a compact and lightweight bolt-action rifle platform. Developed in a nearly decade-long collaboration with legendary Marine Corps Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper, the Scout boasts an extensive list of innovative features.

The Steyr Arms Scout offers living proof of the saying "A man needs only one rifle". With a short overall length of just 38.6", a light weight of 6.6 lbs, fold-away integrated bipod, integrated spare magazine and other unique features, the Steyr Arms Scout is the perfectly versatile tool for a wide range of applications. The will help you patrol the ranch, hunt in nearly any environment or target practice at the range.

Lightweight Steyr Arms Scout

The lightweight bolt-action, all-purpose Steyr Arms Scout rifle was designed to accept a low-powered, forward-mounted scope for accurate fire and both-eyes-open operation to detect flanking dangers. Backup "ghost-ring" iron sights integrated to the top rail can be deployed within seconds should the optics fail. The rifle can also be fitted with a standard scope, should the need arise.

In keeping with Cooper’s requirement for a magazine cutoff, Steyr Arms Scout incorporates a two-position magazine system that allows the rifle to be fed individually with the five-round magazine in a lowered position. The magazine could be seated one step further with minimal pressure, allowing the bolt to feed cartridges directly from the magazine. A second five-round backup magazine is contained in the buttstock in case of an urgent need to reload.

Versatile Steyr Arms Scout

With a fluted, cold-hammer-forged barrel measuring 19 inches, an overall length of 38.6 inches and an out-of-the-box weight of just 6.6 pounds, the Steyr Arms Scout is a breeze to pack out on long adventures, patrolling the farm or taking a quick trip to the range. The compact design of the stock features an innovative integrated bipod that is hardly noticeable until it is folded out from the stock. Between the bipod legs is a UIT rail for attachments, and the stock is outfitted with five press-and-twist sling-swivel attachment points that allow the addition of Cooper’s favored Ching Sling on either side of the rifle.

The Steyr Scout is built on the Safe Bolt System (SBS) action with a unique 2+1 safety function that offers three settings operated by a wheel switch on the tang of the stock. The FIRE mode (safety off) is indicated by a red dot, and the first level of SAFE mode disables the firing mechanism while allowing the bolt to be cycled. The second SAFE position locks the bolt, at which point the bolt can be pushed down against the stock, locking the firing pin and firing mechanism out of firing position, allowing safe transportation with a round in the chamber. Simply pressing the safety’s release tab and rolling it forward returns the bolt to either the SAFE or the FIRE position.

Striving To Be The Best

Steyr Arms is a world-renowned firearms manufacturer that has always been, and will always be, a company that strives to be the best. Not just for you but for ourselves, because we take overwhelming pride in our product. We refuse to stand behind anything less than our very best. That means producing innovative firearms that pass the most rigorous of testing. That means producing products that embody precision to the max. You can rely on us for the ultimate firearms that you can count on performing at the highest level every time. We produce firearms that are consistently reliable for the military and law enforcement, and they can always depend on them to get the job done. Our Austrian engineers work tirelessly to continuously create innovative, excellent products that set the standard in the industry. Above all, Steyr products go above and beyond in safety. Our patented safe bolt system provides triple and quadruple levels of safety that you can absolutely trust with your life. When you buy a Steyr firearm, you know what you’re getting. You know that you’re holding a piece of artful innovation, quality that lasts, and guaranteed precision—in a phrase, the best.


  • Brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Model: Scout
  • Stock Finish: Mud
  • Action: Bolt
  • Barrel Length Range: 19" to 19.99"
  • Sights: None, Integrated Base
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • Muzzle: Threaded
  • Hand: Right
  • OAL: 39.40"
  • Receiver Finish: Black
  • Receiver Material: Steel
  • Safety: Three Position
  • Stock Finish Group: Brown
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Trigger: Single-Stage
  • Twist: 1:8"
  • Weight: 6.60 lbs
  • Barrel Description: Cold Hammer-Forged Fluted
  • Barrel Finish: Black
  • Barrel Length: 19"


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Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions50.5 × 10.5 × 4.5 in
Barrel Description

Cold Hammered Forged Fluted



Barrel Length











6.60 lbs

Stock Description


Receiver Material



6.5 Creedmoor





Barrel Length Range

19" to 19.99"

Weight Range

6 lbs to 6.99 lbs



Stock Finish Group


Metal Finish Group







None, Integrated Base

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