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Steyr Arms A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO 16″ Barrel Semi-Auto Rifle (30+1)


The iconic and long-serving Steyr AUG is now available in the Steyr Arms A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO 16″ Barrel Semi-Auto Rifle (30+1) variant with new optic-mounting options including a short Picatinny rail, long Picatinny rail, integrated 1.5x optic or integrated 3x optic.

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Steyr Arms A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO

The iconic and long-serving Steyr AUG is now available in the Steyr Arms A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO 16" Barrel Semi-Auto Rifle (30+1) variant with new optic-mounting options including a short Picatinny rail, long Picatinny rail, integrated 1.5x optic or integrated 3x optic. The bullpup-style Steyr AUG has been one of the most recognizable rifles in the world since its adoption by the Austrian army in 1977 and is now available for civilian use as the Steyr Arms Scout A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO, a semi-convertible ambidextrous rifle platform with an adjustable short-stroke, gas-piston operation chambered for 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington) ammunition in stock 10-, 30- or 42-round magazines.

M1 Variant A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO

The multi-configurable M1 variant of the AUG A3 platform is the latest generation of the venerated bullpup platform. Utilizing an optics attachment platform similar to the rare and much-sought-after AUG A2, the A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO is available from the factory with an Extended Rail, but optional Short-Rails, High-Rails, 1.5X or 3X Optics will ship separately. The AUG A3 M1 Optics version has a more traditional AUG scope tube with exceptionally bright and clear optical elements, modernized with the addition of three Picatinny rail sections to accommodate accessories like a close-quarters holographic sight. With 16 numbered slots, the High-Rail version was designed to accommodate the widest range of optic choices, and the 11-slot Short-Rail version was designed for use with a reflex sight or a longer-eye relief optic. The rail and optics platforms on all three A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO versions are interchangeable via the three base screws that thread from the underside of the top of the receiver.

Versatile A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO

The A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO boasts an overall length of just 28.15 inches, including its 16-inch heavy barrel, making it at least 8 inches shorter than an M4 carbine with a comparable-length barrel. The short-stroke gas-piston operation of the AUG runs exceptionally cleaner by nature because all of the operational exhaust gas vents out of the front of the rifle. The A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO matching, yet opposed, stainless steel operation and guide rods affixed to the bolt carrier glide effortlessly inside the receiver for unparalleled smoothness in operation as well as exceptional reliability. Dual gas-adjustment settings ensure its operation, even with the dirtiest ammunition and in adverse conditions.

The A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO has all the classic features and benefits that established it as the pinnacle of modern rifle design, including expedited disassembly as well as simple conversion to left-hand operation, which requires replacement of the standard bolt with the optional left-eject bolt and swapping the ejection-port cover. It also features a quick-change barrel with a collapsible forward grip as well as a two-position cross-bolt safety that locks the trigger.

Updated A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO

The receiver was also updated to replace the permanently affixed front sling swivel with a VLTOR Quick-Disconnect Sling Swivel, which makes two-point sling attachment or removal extremely fast and easy, and users of single-point slings can remove the front sling swivel entirely, if they so desire.

The A3 M1 5.56x45mm NATO stock, cocking piece and forward grip are made of highly durable synthetic and are available in Black, Green, Mud and White colors. The rifle is available in either the standard version that accepts genuine Steyr AUG magazines or as a NATO version that accepts standard STANAG (AR) magazines.

Striving To Be The Best

Steyr Arms is a world-renowned firearms manufacturer that has always been, and will always be, a company that strives to be the best. Not just for you but for ourselves, because we take overwhelming pride in our product. We refuse to stand behind anything less than our very best. That means producing innovative firearms that pass the most rigorous of testing. That means producing products that embody precision to the max. You can rely on us for the ultimate firearms that you can count on performing at the highest level every time. We produce firearms that are consistently reliable for the military and law enforcement, and they can always depend on them to get the job done. Our Austrian engineers work tirelessly to continuously create innovative, excellent products that set the standard in the industry. Above all, Steyr products go above and beyond in safety. Our patented safe bolt system provides triple and quadruple levels of safety that you can absolutely trust with your life. When you buy a Steyr firearm, you know what you’re getting. You know that you’re holding a piece of artful innovation, quality that lasts, and guaranteed precision—in a phrase, the best.


  • Brand: Steyr Arms
  • Series: M1
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Model: A3
  • Stock Finish Group: Black
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • OAL: 28.15"
  • Hand: Right
  • Sights: Integrated Base
  • Barrel Finish: Black
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake
  • Twist: 1:9"
  • Grips: Black Polymer
  • Receiver Material: Aluminum
  • Safety: Two-Position
  • Stock Description: Fixed Bullpup
  • Barrel Description: Chrome-Lined Cold Hammered Forged
  • Barrel Length: 16"
  • Max Capacity: 30
  • Receiver Finish: Black
  • Trigger: Single-Stage
  • Weight: 7.70 lbs
  • Stock Finish: Black


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Additional information

Weight8.5 lbs
Dimensions34 × 10.5 × 5 in


Receiver Material


Barrel Length











7.70 lbs

Stock Description

Fixed Bullpup


Muzzle Brake


None, Integrated Base

Barrel Description

Chrome-Lined Cold Hammered Forged



Barrel Length Range

16" to 16.99"

Weight Range

7 lbs to 7.99 lbs



Stock Finish Group


Metal Finish Group







5.56x45mm NATO

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