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David has an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to take his love of all things firearms and turn it into a business. He opened “One Stop Shot” with his business partner Alex in 2021. They initially operated out of his home before moving to their current location at 1040 N. State Street in Ukiah, CA. One Stop Shot specializes in not only new firearms, but also unique, collector, and hard to find firearms.

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David is a native Mendocino County resident who was born and raised in Ukiah, California.

From a very early age David wanted to join the military and serve. He comes from a long line of relatives that have served our great country. One of his grandfathers (still living) served in the United States Navy during World War II and his other grandfather served in the United States Army for thirty-two years, and his father served in the United States Navy for twenty-seven years. A total of greater than sixty years of service.

David always wanted to be a Marine and graduated Ukiah High School one year early so he could enlist. At 17 years old, he shipped off to Marine Corps bootcamp in San Diego, California. After boot camp and Marine Combat Training, he was transferred to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to attend Engineer Equipment Operator (MOS 1345) school.

It was David’s natural marksmanship ability that caught the eye of the Marine Corps. While stationed at Camp Pendleton and having been in the Marine Corps for less than one year, David was sent to the Marksmanship Coach (MOS 0933) course. The course has a pass rate of only sixty-four percent. At eighteen years of age, David was instructing seasoned Marines how to be more proficient marksman with the M16A4 rifle and M9 Beretta Pistol. After spending many months on the firing range, and being a Lance Corporal, David was sent to the Marksman Instructor (MOS 0931) course. Upon completion of the Marksman Instructor course, David was awarded the famed “Smokey Bear” cover.

David spent four years in the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in July 2020, at the rank of Corporal.

After his discharge from the Marine Corps, David enrolled in Santa Rosa Junior College to work towards a degree in Business Administration. David is currently attending Sonoma State University as a Business major.

David is active in his community. He has participated with Bikers Against Child Abuse (“BACA”), is currently affiliated with the Devil Pups Youth Program for America for the Mendocino/Lake Counties, and instructs Concealed Carry Weapon (“CCW”) and gun safety courses.

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